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Do you have “Irritating Personality Disorder? Handwriting Reveals Your Emotional Baggage.

FEATURE STORY : Emotional Baggage – Is your baggage too heavy to deal with? Handwriting Clues Revealed About You. By Bart Baggett, President of Handwriting University .com Have you ever had anyone just walk right out of your life with no explanation at all? Perhaps they blamed your for “certain” behaviors which were simply intolerable? […]

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Finding the Perfect Valentine using a Stroke of the Pen

FEATURE STORY: “Finding the Perfect Valentine using a Stroke of the Pen” by Bart Baggett “Everyone NEEDS this knowledge. I’ll never date or hire anyone ever again without analyzing the handwriting.” FEATURE STORY : Finding the Perfect Valentine using a Stroke of the Pen -by Bart Baggett Anyone can unlock the secret to finding their […]

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Nanette Barto gets Court Qualified as an Expert Witness

February 10th, 2009 As a mentor, there is a specific satisfaction in a student succeeding. Today, one my Forensic Document Examination student Nanette Barto was officially court qualified in the Oakland Superior  Court. Now, as part of my ongoing commitment to both my students and their clients, I woke up at 5:30am and flew to […]

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Why Won’t My Love Commit to Me? (5 clues revealed through handwriting everyone should see)

  Special Pre-Valentine’s Day article by Handwriting Expert Bart Baggett When the relationship first began it felt like both of you had wings on your feet and that together you could soar, hand in hand to greater heights of intimacy. However, a number of months, even years have now passed and now the relationship is […]

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