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Thinking Patterns and Intelligence

1. FEATURE STORY: “Don’t call them dumb… they just aren’t that sharp.” “Thinking Patterns and Intelligence” audio article by Bart Baggett 2. BREAKING NEWS : Early Bird Tickets for International Handwriting Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada USA now on sale! 3. STUDENT TESTIMONIALS: “Everyone NEEDS this knowledge. I’ll never date or hire anyone ever again […]

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Graphology Reveals… Are you in Control or a Control Freak?

FEATURE STORY : Are you in Control or a Control Freak? By D. West, Contributing Writer and Certified Handwriting Expert Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” The irony is that most of us believe that fear protects us from harm, when the reality is that it often […]

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Are you too shy to read this? Shyness: The Handwriting Trait of the Week

FEATURE STORY : Shyness: Trait of the Week Contributed by Guest Author and Certified Handwriting Analyst David Riffey, St. Petersburg, FL Are you diplomatic, self-conscious or just shy? While studying for Handwriting Analysis Certification, I did a written analysis for a young woman at work. After reading it she declared, “This is so me, how […]

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