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Download the Magic Question book

Download the best selling book The Magic Question – How to Get What You Want in Half the time. 100% free.

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45 Minute MP3: Happy Habits and Neuro-Conditioning

This is one of  my favorite lectures on 10 tools which can transform your life. Download it free, as my gift. I was walking along through the Miami Airport recently and began to flip through my iPhone looking for some intelligent lectures to listen to during my layover back to Los Angeles. I love having […]

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Do you need to hire one of America’s Top Handwriting Expert

If you need have a questioned document that needs an expert opinion… You’ve found America’s #1 Handwriting Expert – Bart Baggett. As seen on CNN’s Larry King Live, Court TV, and Fox News Channel. Court Qualified. Credible. Ethical. We can help. Our experts can analyze your document and render an official written opinion […]

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Bart Baggett Interviews Author Sam Carpenter of Work the System

Bart Baggett Interviews Author Sam Carpenter, Author of Work the System. How to create systems in your business and life that set you free. Video and Audio interview.

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*************************************************************************************************************************** Mayor of Los Angeles Says “When you need a professional handwriting expert of the highest standards, hire Bart Baggett. He is honest, quick, direct… and will deliver an objective expert opinion, every time. I recommend him without hesitation.” – Richard J. Riordan, 39th Mayor of Los Angeles Credentials *************************************************************************************************************************** Baggett helps attorney in third […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Video: 3 Ways To Spot a Bad Temper (Advanced Trait Stacking)

Everyone agrees that a “bad temper” is a personality trait nobody wants to have or be around anyone who does… However, because it is so “despised” people who have a bad temper have found ways to disguise it so the unsuspecting wife, girlfriend, or employer doesn’t know about it until the proverbial s&@t hits the […]

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How to fail your way to your first $1 billion

This story reprinted from Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics newsletter. How Sara Blakely lost her way to a billion dollars: 8 years ago Sara lost in the finale of Richard Branson’s reality TV show “Rebel Billionaire”. The loss was one of many that turned Sara into the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire… Sara’s entire life has […]

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One Tip Which Increases Income By 700%

Excerpt from Rhonda Hess Interview Source: Niche Markets, Tribes, and How to Triple Your Income.   Right Click to Download this Audio Clip and Listen Now. Bart: Good evening everyone, this is Bart Baggett, and you have found 100 Coaching Tips. We’re going to talk to Rhonda Hess, and she’s really an internationally-recognized […]

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NLP: The Magic You Can Perform With Reframing

The Magic You Can Perform With Reframing Reframing for Creatively New Managing Options By L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.   We all frame and we all reframe because this describes how we think, represent information, use language, and create meaning. Initially, we frame because our minds do the work that “minds” do (i.e. process information, reason, […]

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