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Barak Obama’s handwriting falls short of John F. Kennedy’s autograph

June 23, 2008 Los Angeles, CA Does Barack Obama have leadership qualities of John F. Kennedy or Abe Lincoln? Handwriting expert Bart Baggett posted a rarely seen before handwritten note by presidential candidate Barack Obama on his website today. Baggett, considered one of America’s leading handwriting expert (seen on Larry King Live, CNN, Court TV, […]

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Dishonesty in Handwriting. Is Trust Everything?

Let’s face it. Trust is everything. If you can’t trust an email, you don’t open it. If you can’t trust an employee, you fire him or her. If you can’t trust your spouse, you get a divorce. Handwriting CAN help you decide trust or dishonesty. This is the last article for the National Handwriting Week. […]

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Introduction to this Site.

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