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Do you need to hire one of America’s Top Handwriting Expert

If you need have a questioned document that needs an expert opinion… You’ve found America’s #1 Handwriting Expert – Bart Baggett. As seen on CNN’s Larry King Live, Court TV, and Fox News Channel. Court Qualified. Credible. Ethical. We can help. Our experts can analyze your document and render an official written opinion […]

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Did you see the Hindi newspaper I was featured in? Radio Show MP3 Here, too

Did you see the newspaper I was featured in?
It is India’s largest paper. I guess handwriting analysis
is really becoming an international news story.

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Bart Baggett Scam Buster

Bart Baggett Fraud Reports  •  Bart Baggett Scam Buster. This page is a resource to protect you from Internet and Corporate Fraud.  I want you to be aware of false advertising from fake internet companies that want your money.  There are also many sites posting false and  malicious claims against companies and individuals that are […]

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What’s your But….

“Yep, In life, “Everybody’s got a big but.” — Pee Wee Herman, Pee Wee’s big adventure (while sitting in the mouth of the dinosaur.)  What’s your but… get off it and do something today.

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Block Printing Video with Bart Baggett

Learn the process of analyzing Block Printing- recorded live at the Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This never before-published video is in one section (about 28 minutes running time ). 

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Bart Baggett – The Handwriting Interviews Jane S. Video Interview by Bart Baggett

What is her biggest fear?
Is she honest with herself and others?
Does she have health issues? Is so, what kind?

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The Pen is Mightier than the Word: Indisputable Success at Reducing Forgeries Paves the Way for Career in Forensic Handwriting Investigations

When it comes to forgery, the words written aren’t as important as they way they are written. The falsification of documents like wills, checks and contracts can be caught when the science behind forensic handwriting investigation is put on the case. Dianne Peterson, owner of HandwritingExpertTennessee explains why the accuracy and reliability of this forensic science has led to explosive growth in this segment of the criminal justice system.

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“Mommy, Who Stole My Identity?” Follow 5 Tips to Avoid Childhood Identity Theft during National Protect Your Identity Week (October 17-24, 2009)

According to the Federal Trade Commission, five percent of identity theft complaints come from children under the age of 18. Not only is childhood identity theft on the rise, its detection is delayed, making the crime an easy one to hide. During National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s National Protect Your Identity Week (October 17-24, 2009), The Campus Safety Expert Bob Baier offers five tips to prevent childhood identity theft.

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2009 Telelclass schedule announced. Join Us.

We’ve just published the teleclass schedule for 2009. So, whether you are a raw beginner or certified expert, you are sure to enjoy the 2009 live teleclass… listen live, webcast, or download later. All part of the new membership program. discounts are now on sale for end of the year special

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Document Examiners Needed

Our main site does not have handwriting experts listed in at least 30 of the USA states? We feel lots of business is being lost because our associates and graduate students are not listed on this site. So, if you are enrolled or graduated from the International School, get yourself into the Career Track, […]

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