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45 Minute MP3: Happy Habits and Neuro-Conditioning

This is one of  my favorite lectures on 10 tools which can transform your life. Download it free, as my gift. I was walking along through the Miami Airport recently and began to flip through my iPhone looking for some intelligent lectures to listen to during my layover back to Los Angeles. I love having […]

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Video: 3 Ways To Spot a Bad Temper (Advanced Trait Stacking)

Everyone agrees that a “bad temper” is a personality trait nobody wants to have or be around anyone who does… However, because it is so “despised” people who have a bad temper have found ways to disguise it so the unsuspecting wife, girlfriend, or employer doesn’t know about it until the proverbial s&@t hits the […]

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How to fail your way to your first $1 billion

This story reprinted from Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics newsletter. How Sara Blakely lost her way to a billion dollars: 8 years ago Sara lost in the finale of Richard Branson’s reality TV show “Rebel Billionaire”. The loss was one of many that turned Sara into the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire… Sara’s entire life has […]

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Will he hit you? Aggresssiveness shown in Handwriting.

Do you find yourself arguing just for the sake of argument, or just itching to get in a fight with someone?  Do you know an incredibly competitive athlete or an attorney who always wins?  Check out their handwriting and see if they have the traits discussed in today’s Audio Newsletter, available online here: You’ll […]

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Barak Obama’s handwriting falls short of John F. Kennedy’s autograph

June 23, 2008 Los Angeles, CA Does Barack Obama have leadership qualities of John F. Kennedy or Abe Lincoln? Handwriting expert Bart Baggett posted a rarely seen before handwritten note by presidential candidate Barack Obama on his website today. Baggett, considered one of America’s leading handwriting expert (seen on Larry King Live, CNN, Court TV, […]

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Video clip. How Neuro Linguistic Programming Works.

FEATURE STORY : How Neuro Linguistic Programming Changes Your Brain By Bart Baggett President, Handwriting University Topics covered in this video clip: How NLP changes your brain Success Traits of Rich and Happy Filmed live in India. Self-esteem Neuro Linguistic Programming The neuro-pathways of grapho-therapy Fluidity, Drive and Intelligence K ey traits for motivation and […]

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Why You Should Always Analyze the Handwriting Before the First Date

FEATURE STORY : “A Few Good Reasons You Should Not Date Danny… and Why You Should Always Analyze the Handwriting Before the First Date” By Bart Baggett President, Handwriting University A close friend of mine picked Danny out of 52 possible dates last week from the America Online profiles dating pool. He liked to dance, […]

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Challenging Relationships

FEATURE STORY : “Are You Constantly Looking for a Challenge in Your Relationships?” By Bart Baggett President, Handwriting University Listen Here: This audio clip is one small section of our entire CD/DVD home study course. Visit this link to order the entire seminar on CD and DVD Why do some people always seem to fight […]

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Handwriting Expert will $17 million dollar case – First Time in Court.

      1. FEATURE STORY: “Handwriting Expert Wins $17 Million Dollar Case – and other interesting facts about Forensic Document Examination” Live Seminar Audio about this new career. FEATURE STORY : “Handwriting Expert is key witness to winning $17 Million Dollar Case” Listen while you read : Audio lecture. Read Entire Newsletter Here >>>>> […]

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Toxic Vocabulary

FEATURE STORY : Toxic Vocabulary By Bart Baggett President, Handwriting University I remember my dad teaching me the power of language at a very young age. Not only did my dad understand that specific words affect our mental pictures, but he understood words are a powerful programming factor in lifelong success. One particularly interesting event […]

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